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Your Local Auto Body Shop in Oshawa

Budget is often a big concern when it comes to auto body repair at our auto body shop in Oshawa. From damaged fenders to broken windshields to replacement tires, the price of repairs can add up. Not to mention if you’ve recently dealt with a vehicle accident you could also be adding those auto repair bills to medical ones.

When it comes to our auto body shop, we provide:

Auto body frame repairs

Full paint jobs

Insurance claims

Full collision

Frame repair

Full restoration

Schedule a Consultation

At The Collision Man, we understand your concern. That’s why we work with your automotive insurance company to arrange the best course of action that reflects your budget without compromising quality parts or labour. Get in touch with The Collision Man in Oshawa to discuss your insurance claim and budget concerns.

Insurance Claims

For clients with insurance claims, we can handle the entire process, from initial assessment to repairs and safety inspections. In the end, we're all about taking good care of you, our customer!

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